Pseudo Power: Using the powerful CSS ::before and ::after pseudo elements by Bryan Robinson

Pseudo Power: Using the powerful CSS ::before and ::after pseudo elements

Pseudo Elements are amazingly versatile, yet a lot of developers don't realize everything they can be used for. Come find out all the different uses for ::before and ::after!

What to expect

In this course, I'll be explaining exactly what pseudo elements are, as well as diving into many use cases for them. I'm still planning content, but just as with all my courses, there will be plenty of examples and code that can get you up and running right away. Here are a few examples of uses we'll be working through:

  • Overlays
  • Fancy borders
  • Neat text link hovers
  • Multiple decorative elements
  • Easy Separators 
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My name is Bryan Robinson. I'm a designer, developer and teacher based in Memphis, Tenn. I've been passionate about HTML, CSS and JS for my entire career, and I want to teach you to be just as passionate about it, as well.