Practical CSS Grid by Bryan Robinson

Practical CSS Grid

Get up and running with CSS Grid in under 2 hours!

What you'll learn

You've heard about CSS Grid layout. You know it's the new hotness in the web design world, but you haven't started using it yet. Many tutorials out there focus on the new properties themselves and don't give practical examples. Let me walk you through all its features in a simple, practical approach. By the end of this course, you'll understand Grid and have practical examples to put into production right away!


Bryan is a great teacher, and helped me learn a lot of fundamental web concepts as I transitioned from being a full time designer to a front end developer. 

This course is great, instead of just giving hypothetical examples of the CSS grid spec it contained a lot of useable examples that someone learning grid can put into practice immediately. 

I would definitely recommend to both CSS novices as well as people looking to beef up their grid skills and maybe rethink the way they've approached certain layouts in years past.
Ryan Filler
With something as new as CSS Grid, it's hard to find someone with as much experience as Bryan. He was an early adopter and it shows in this course. He is able to give good background on the history and evolution of CSS Grid which puts the exercises in context. I've been hesitant to start learning Grid since I kind of know Flexbox, but this has absolutely been a great use of my time!
James Q. Quick

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 1 text file


3 mins
Defining Grid Terms
4 mins
Code and Structure for the Exercises
2 mins
Course Files and Examples
3.57 MB
Slack Channel for the course
Exercise 1: Building a Simple Grid
9 mins
Exercise 2: Fluidly Responsive Grid with no Breakpoints
10 mins
Exercise 3: An Asymmetric Grid
12 mins
Exercise 4: Art Directed Banners
23 mins
Exercise 5: Big Responsive Changes
26 mins
Bonus Exercise: Asymmetric Promo Area
10 mins
Bonus Exercise: Creating a "breakout" section of an article body
13 mins
Use Grid Today!
2 mins
Resources to Continue Learning

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